Earth Mother

Earth Mother

And the rain burned
And the moon turned
Back to front
Upside  down

Than a ball of fire…

Than  I ever
Dared to dream…

You came hurtling
Into my world
Head first
Thru time

My little boy
From long ago

Left on my own for so long
I called you Willow
Shedding tears
Of joy

A new spring

In a barren world.

The Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis by Maria Ní Mhurchú

A butterfly lands softly on my finger
And smiles up at me
Her wings are rich in colour
Golden like the sun
With a delicate sliver of sliver
Running through them
Her antenna a gorgeous vermillion
With great big bright blue eyes

“I’ll grant you one wish” she says…
“if you won’t stamp on me”

Moths scare the hell out of me

I wish I could meet my blondy boy
It’s been seven years…
That’s my one true love-wish I say
Fear gripping my body
Because of this tiny little creature
Tears welling behind my eyes

Close your eyes
Tightly – she says
I catch my breath and do as I am bid
Isn’t courage, fear holding on a minute longer?
I feel droplets of dew falling on my face
I feel free
And throw myself under the shower of rain
Dancing the salsa like a mad-woman
Feeling like this fairie friend had lifted
My magical curse of shyness

There’s a rainbow in the sky
The butterfly disappears into a myriad of colour
And I see Ian coming towards me
Wheeling his bicycle
And an umbrella in his other hand
Just for me
The umbrella
Is a myriad of butterflies.

The big smoke

The big smoke

Your anguish
Hits against my heart
Like hailstones
Off a hardened glass

But there’s nothing i can do
For you
This time
I’ve been there
Now it’s your turn
To take that step
To begin  without me
This time

We hug
Both strong
But breaking  up with fear
And you step on that trundling train
For your first job
In the big smoke.

Cafe Terrace at night

Café Terrace at Night

Maria Ní Mhurchú

On a night like this
I view the scene before my eyes
And I wish I could escape my small room
and sit on the chair
under the dark blue sky
and have a waiter
serve me fine Parisian Coffee.

I could look up at the stars
in the Heavens
or chat to the couple
crossing the road
oblivious to everyone but me
and to my strange Naughty’s attire.

Low cut jeans and a halter neck top…

I light a candle and I say a prayer
There are no candles where you are
waiting for me.

Only a starry starry night…

I’m jealous as I look around
at the clutter-filled cocoon
I call my kitchen.

I want company
I need company
If only I could sit at your table
It’s such a peaceful scene
and blue is my favourite colour.

I love the way it lights up the night.

Help me escape
Help me sleep
Help me dream
About the scene you’ve created.

It’s such a peaceful scene
and blue is my favourite colour.

But everything is not what it seems, is it?
You cut off your ear in a moment of madness
Shortly after you painted that scene.

So much for serenity.

My Dog

My Dog

When i lay in bed
When i should be writing
Earning a crust
Instead of making friends with rats
You will sit at the side of my bed
And you won’t move until
I’m up and dressed.

Your brown eyes
Your long lashes
And giant paws

I sit by the side of the bed
And we chat
And you lick my hand
And then my face

A kiss from my dearest friend
First thing in the morning
Telling me to seize the day
What could be more gratifying

My dog Sam.

What’s it like ?

What’s it like ?

Someone today
Asked me
What it feels like…

He said it must be
The same as having
A lingering hangover.

If only
I replied
I could deal with that…

I said to John
Trying to make him understand
The sheer anguish
The suffering
That shakes the devil in me

I said to him
It’s when a black smog
Between your ears
And nothing
But nothing
Can get rid of it

It makes you feel
And angry with the world…

I said
It’s when a crowd of rats
Infest your mind
Eating away
Through the grey matter
Scraping and gnawing
Gnawing and scraping
Inside your brain
Leaving nothing
But a trail of destruction

They go on their merry way
Only to return
The following morning
To begin again.

That’s depression.