You Can Be Heroes

You can be heroes

By Maria Ní Mhurchú

(For our boys who became men last Sunday 1st Sept 2019 )

You can be heroes

For years and years

Last Sunday

You went from being young boys

To being real hard clever

Footballing men.

Men with a strategy

Men with a plan

You read the game

And played it

To your advantage

You could have given us anything

Yet you gave us everything

My heart in my mouth

With every kick of the ball

They thought they had it in the bag

And you weren’t given a sporting chance

No-one expected the draw

Except for the Kerry supporters

The animals who came out in their droves

Tip of my hat to you Paudie

And we weren’t disappointed

You played with your hearts

Not with your feet

You didn’t take Sam home

… yet…

But Sam is saying the long goodbye

To the Jackeens

And in two weeks time

With God’s help

When you have Sam on the green and gold

I’ll raise a toast to

My brave Kerry Men

And I’ll party like post Malone.


Knots and the Celtic Tiger

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  Words, Knots and Lines, published by Púca Press in 3 languages, Irish, English and German

One of the entries in the above book is a poem titled Knots.  The author is Maria Ní Mhurchú.  The linking of the knots shown in the Book of Kells and the state of knots in which we find the state of Ireland today is very clever.  Have a read yourself.

  Knots by Maria Ní Murchú

Knots by Maria Ní Murchú

When I flick through the Book of Kells

On the internet

My heart always misses a beat


Endless knots!

Stylized, graphic, decorative….

Delicatewly woven by dedicated monks

Prayerful, innocent, beautiful.

No sign of the demon of greed here.

It reminds me of the girl with the golden locks

Dancing a Celtic dance

Her long hair plaited intricately

By deft fingers.

Ireland is tied up in knots today.

Not of a monastic…

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I saw the photograph

I Saw The Photograph…


Maria Ní Mhurchú


I saw the photograph and

It brought a lump to my throat;

A foetus

Five months old

Too fragile to be removed

From his mother’s womb.


The surgeon made an incision

In the uterus –

The baby suffering from spina bifida;

The surgeon worked away in the dark

Miraculous hands directed by angels from Heaven

Fixing the baby’s spine.


But that’s not what brought

Tears to my eyes

No, but the sight of a tiny hand

Courageously slipping out of his mother’s womb

Curling fingers around the surgeon’s ring finger

A small but firm grasp

A thank-you to medical science

And to Our Maker who gives us the courage

To strive to make this world

A better place.

Chonacsa an Grianghraf…


Maria Ní Mhurchú


Chonacsa an grianghraf

Agus tháinig tocht im’ chroí

Ní raibh an dochtúir

Ábalta ar an ngin bheag a thógaint

Ón mbroinn…

Mar chaillfí an leanbh.


D’oibrigh an dochtúir sa doircheacht

Ag cur poll san útaras

Ag socrú cnámh droma… spina bifida an linbh.


Lámha stiúrtha ag aingil

Ó Neamh anuas


Ach ní hé sin a d’fhág na deora

Ag sileadh liom

No, ach an phictiúirín –

Láimhín beag an linbh

A sháigh sé amach as an ndoircheacht

A bheir greim daingean ar mhéar

An mháinlia chruthaithigh

Ag gabháil buíochais leis.



PCD Hogan Cup Winners 2015

I’m A Dreamer

Dream big
Build a skyscraper
Build a cathedral
Brick by brick
After all
Moving a mountain
Begins with the grasp
Of one small stone.

Win All-Irelands
That aren’t easily won.
Train physically
Train emotionally
Be disciplined

You may not be able
To see the top of the stairs
But you can take the first step…

Kerry footballers
Men of steel
Men of courage
Humble men
Facing adversity
Kerry religion
And dream big.

After all
A dream is a wish
Our hearts make

So dream big.